The Fiscal CliffWe’re rapidly approaching it, December 31, 2012. Midnight of the new year brings with it the proverbial fiscal cliff with its tax increases and spending cuts that some economists believe will stifle growth and drive the country back into a recession.

As the sluggish economy heads towards the fiscal cliff, businesses have already reduced their spending and expansion plans, uncertain whether lawmakers can agree on a budget. But times of uncertainty and change can bring with them opportunity.

Many of the executives I have the pleasure of working with are leaders in change, fearless risk takers who can peer over the cliff and see a path to prosperity. They’re the people who know without risk there is no reward. They’re individuals who are used to taking control of their own destiny by taking calculated risks on behalf of their companies and for the betterment of their own careers.

During these uncertain times, they’ve taken the leap and successfully landed in better situations, not letting fear of uncertainty hold them back. We can learn a lot from these fearless leaders who refuse to be crippled by circumstances. No matter what happens, businesses will continue to operate, goods to be produced, and services provided.

Now more than ever, companies need visionary leaders to help them navigate through these troubling times, which is good news for talented executives who thrive on challenges and who have a record of driving change.

As John Fitzgerald Kennedy said “There is nothing more certain and unchanging than uncertainty and change.” Successful executive job seekers know this. Where others see uncertainty they see opportunity, they look over the cliff, plan a course of action and execute a flawless dive, oftentimes making a large splash in their industry.