The Outplacement Alternative

LifesaverNo one wants to lose their job. Actually, I have run into some clients who were unhappy at their jobs and were thrilled when they were downsized. But that is the exception rather than the rule.

As a country, we’ve been riding the great recession wave and in its wake there have been thousands of lay-offs, downsizings, and job eliminations. Whatever you want to call it, it’s usually tough to take if you’re caught up in the changing tides. There is one good thing that comes out of some corporate reorganizations . . . outplacement.

Some companies, who care about their people (or at least want to give the appearance that they do) offer a lifeline, they provide outplacement services for the employees they’ve displaced. But what if you’re company doesn’t offer that benefit, can you still compete in today’s job market? There is an alternative, you can hire your own career transition expert to help with your career transition.

At The Imagemakers, Ink! LLC, we do provide outplacement services for companies, but our core business is providing exceptional career services to individuals whose companies have left them adrift. You can expect outstanding resumes & cover letters and customized coaching on performing effective job searches, interviewing techniques and negotiating tactics.

Working with a career search expert offers the displaced employees a chance to not only keep their heads above water and land on their feet, but also to land in a better place. Many people ask why companies offer outplacement. It’s a win-win because while it helps the employees who’ve been let go, it also let’s those left behind know their company cares and won’t just leave them adrift should they be on the next workforce reduction wave.

That’s one plus for the companies who provide this lifeline. But what are some other reasons companies choose to provide outplacement? Besides treating their employees with dignity and respect, it’s just the right thing to do. Also, in these times teeming with tweets, viral videos and people crying foul on Facebook, it can help keep a company’s image and reputation from being tainted. Not to mention going a long way to provide goodwill, thereby heading off any lawsuits from especially embittered employees.

But whether it’s provided by the company or you decide to invest in yourself and your future, working with a career search strategist will enable you to come out on top in today’s competitive job market. Whether company provided or your own personal investment, working with an expert will ensure yourself a smoother career transition and go a long way to calm the waters of today’s turbulent times.


Laid Off And Looking

Laid Off WorkerLinda Lupatkin-Resume/Bio Specialist, Career Coach and Consultant

The job numbers are still disappointing and the stagnating economy has companies continuously reorganizing, restructuring and reducing their forces. With companies trying to do more with less, what happens if you’re one of the people impacted . . . if you’re laid off and looking?

There are a lot of issues to grapple with when your job search was not your own idea. Sometimes there’s resentment and bitterness towards the company that laid you off and oftentimes it’s a blow to the ego. The thing to remember is the company was making a business decision and not to take your lay-off personally. But if you do, you need to work through the hostility and get to a more positive place.

A job search is a necessary evil in life, something we all go through multiple times and it’s important to have a positive outlook. When you’re in a job search you are your product, you’re selling you and and when touting your product you need to be enthusiastic and upbeat. Also, it’s important to remain positive as you go through the interviewing process. The last thing you want to do is bad mouth your previous employer during an interview.

I work with many outplacement clients, some of whom even welcome their lay-off, viewing it as an opportunity to take the next step in their career. Additionally, many companies provide a severance package and benefits to bridge you through to your next position. Not to mention the advantage of  company-provided career coaching services.

That said, being laid off can actually give you an edge in your career transition. The severance and benefits help remove some of the financial stress that your unemployed competitors who do not have a package may be experiencing.

Also, at a time when there’s a lot of competition for each position, you have the advantage of working with career transition experts and coaches who help you with a complete career campaign, from developing outstanding resumes and letters to advising on innovative and aggressive search strategies. For some of the clients I’ve worked with, being laid off and looking was the best thing that ever happened to them.