GiftAs you’re madly rushing around this holiday season, remember, this is a good time to take a moment and give a gift to yourself. The gift of introspection and reflection. Things generally tend to slow down as we approach year-end, making it a perfect time to stop and assess where you are in your career and where you want to be.

I’ve had many successful clients who contact me, saying they’ve let their careers drive them and while this has led them on a great course thus far, they now want to look ahead, take control of their careers and choose their own paths.

As you’re thinking through the direction in which you’d like to go, a great thing to think about are your past accomplishments. Looking back at prior achievements will help you in two ways: not only will it assist you in identifying what you’re most passionate about and when you most enjoyed your job, it also highlights your best skills. Having this insight will help you move through the career transition process.

Keeping track of your accomplishments, complete with quantitative figures (i.e. dollar amounts for sales and revenue growth or reduced expenses) will help you better market yourself to future employers. These accomplishments are the stories that you can use on your resume to illustrate your prowess. They are also the anecdotes you’ll tell when you’re interviewing for potential new positions.

Whether you’re thinking about a career change now or in the future, chronicling your success stories is a gift that keeps on giving. It enables you to be prepared at any time to speak about your strengths and highlight your career history. That way you’re ready for that unexpected phone call from a recruiter, the unanticipated downsizing, or the planned and well thought out transition as you take control of your career.