The Career Coach Quick TipWe’ve made it through one great recession and now some are saying we’re teetering on the verge of another. Having worked with hundreds of clients during these tough economic times (and close to 1,000 throughout my coaching career), my advice is to be choosy about how much attention you pay to the news.

Why? Because for some, it’s just too discouraging. When in the midst of a job search, it can undermine your attitude, leaving you with the thought of “why bother, there’s nothing out there anyway.” But even in what has been an incredibly tight job market, my clients are landing new and higher paying positions. They’re not listening to all the doom and gloom, they’re setting their sights on their target, using creative strategies and achieving their goals.

Ironically, one highly effective strategy is reacting to the news. Paying attention to what’s going on with companies in the market and using that intelligence to strategically reach out to executives with thoughts and suggestions of how you may be of help to them. So while the title of this Quick Tip says no news is good news, some news can lead you down the road to prosperity.

~ Linda